frying pan river lodge

"Frying Pan River Lodge" 

Frying Pan River Lodge


We sometimes find it is necessary to state the obvious:

2 Night Minimum/3 Night Maximum.

We require a 2 night minimum stay. This just makes it easier for cleaning. We don't have a big cleaning staff and prefer to keep our prices low.

Our goal is that you come in, take a fishing trip or two, have a great time and then look forward to the next time.

We Prefer fishermen.

We are not your normal motel. That is why we call it a "lodge". But it's not really a lodge in the conventional sense. Look at the pictures. We don't have an on-site office.

When you book with us we will email you your room in advance. If you can't get messages while you are travelling make sure you find out your room in advance or try to arrive when the shop is open so they can tell you.

My wife doesn't like getting phone calls at 10pm asking for a room number when she has sent out several emails. She usually throws the phone at me. If you don't understand this concept don't book with us. The Four Seasons is for you.

We have great accomodations which fishermen love. But if you want room service, clean towels every five minutes, air-conditioning and concierge services, ring the Little Nell. We are not for you.

We find fishermen are the most reasonable clients because they know how lucky they are to be able to stay in accomodations like ours on the Frying Pan River and to be able to practically fish out of the window.

If you don't understand the last sentence, you need to ring the Ritz Carlton. We are not for you.

Having said all this, we have a policy of under-promising and over-delivering.

Renting with a Guide Trip.

2 - 3 nights accomodation at $99 per night (plus tax) with a full day float or full day wade guide trip.

For those of you for whom the foregoing is unclear, it means that you get this price for the room on top of paying for the guide trip at our current rates. In other words, you don't get the guide trip for nothing.

We have aready stated this, but it seems it needs to be repeated - often.


Our dog policy in the Lodge is No dogs. Do not think that keeping a dog in the car is "No Dogs" that is not how we roll. There is no cultural relativism here.

We do allow dogs at the cabins with a nightly charge.

Cancellation Policy

We do have a cancellation policy. We have set it out under the Rates. But we remind you here again just in case you missed it.


You might wonder why we need to spell out these rules. We wonder too. It just seems in this day and age that some people think that the rules just don't apply to them. It's a growing phenomenon. We just want to nip it in the bud.



For bookings Ring Robyn on (970) 927 9927


Bookings can be made by ringing 970-927 9927

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